April 5, 2010

Can I Get A Side of Pollen To Go With That?

It's the beginning of Spring and everything is yellow. My car, my shoes, the driveway, the streets.

You can see the cloud of yellow dust pass over as the wind blows.

I could not even run this morning because the pollen was so thick. It's suffocating.  I can feel my sinuses clog up with each breath I take.

And I do not see an end to this yellow nightmare any time soon.

Don't get me wrong, I love Spring!  All of the trees and flowers are blooming. The weather is wonderful.  But I can do without this yellow stuff.

It's a miracle that my allergies have not gone haywire.  I should probably pop some clariton just to be safe.

Happy Spring everyone!


Kimberly said...

We are on the Central Coast inCalifornia and are dealing with El Nino Rains- I moved here because of the lack of rain- rain triggers my migraines, allergies,

I guess no matte where we go, something will be there to bother us.

I hope you feel better and aren't too bothered.

Fitness freak said...

I love Spring!
We don't really get pollen visible in the air in England.
The only cloud we have right now is one of Vocanic Ash, oh I never expected I would be able to say that!

I hope your pollen doesn't get in the way of your exercise programme too much!