June 4, 2008

I Had to Let My Anger Wear Off

before I could post this. Oh and let me tell you, it took a few days.

What do you get when you mix a beautiful red sofa and a substance that contains bleach?


You guessed it. That's my beautiful red sofa with bleach spots. Lovely isn't it.

Hubby had been gone all day and wasn't expect back until late. Thomas was beginning to push me to my limit by the end of the day. He was into everything. If it was in his reach he was going to grab it. Toilet paper, toothpaste, hair gel, lotion, chap stick, telephone. You name it, he was into it. We were about to leave for church. Hubby called while I was in the bathroom so I was little distracted. I walked into the living room, and I see a bottle of bathroom cleaner in my child's hands ON THE RED SOFA. As soon as I walked into the room he turned it up and squeezed. I immediately sat on the coffee table and began to cry. All the while Hubby is on the phone wondering what in the world was going on. Oh I was so fuming mad at myself. I left it out in a place that was pretty concealed. He had to hunt for it. But I keep forgeting that I have an explorer that is 3 feet tall. I learned a valuable lesson that night.

If it is out even if it is hidden, he will find it!
I am currently trying to hunt down the fabric from the furniture manufacturer. That's if the fabric is still in existence. I am not holding my breath.

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mama said...

K and L did something very similar to a giant teddy bear. At least it wasn't the sofa but the bear got tossed.

Could you turn the cushions over so that it won't show? Just a thought. At least you've calmed down now!